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.....Adopting in Almaty.....The Laura Edition......
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Introducing Laura Elizabeth Murawski


Dear friends,

We are pleased to announce that Laura Elizabeth Murawski will be joining our family sometime in May. Laura is currently in an orphanage in Almaty, Kazakhstan. She was born on July 9, 1999, and the enclosed picture of her was taken on February 28, 2001.

Sue, Sarah, and I will be traveling to Almaty sometime in May. We will spend time in Almaty, and then proceed, with Laura, to Moscow in order to get all of her paperwork from the US Embassy in Moscow. Upon getting her US entry paperwork in Moscow, we will return home. Our travel plans are not set yet. We will most likely begin our trip in early May.


Almaty, considered a gateway to Central Asia, is about 160 degrees around the world from Pittsburgh. Pittsburgh is around 80 degrees west longitude, and Almaty is around 80 degrees east longitude. While in Almaty, we'll be taking lots of pictures and sightseeing. We will have access to the internet, and will be e-mailing pictures taken with our digital camera.


While we're abroad, my Mom will be staying at our house with Michael. Sarah and Michael are quite excited to be getting a new sister to play with.


Since Laura is almost 21 months old, she's already walking and will be chasing the other two around the house!



We also should be back home in time to see Mario Lemieux lead the Penguins to the Stanley Cup!


Jim, Sue, Sarah, Michael, and Laura

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